Bieken dreams: Learn the charm of cycling in Europe to win the Asian Games

The ambitions of Nazaerbieke Bieken are clear: win the road race in the Asian Games later this year, compete in the Olympic Games in 2024, and be on the Champs-Élysées after 21 stages in the Tour de France in 2025. “There is a great future ahead for us, Chinese riders, in this team”, he says.

Bieken thinks he can win the Asian Games after a good racing season in Europe, which China Glory Cycling can offer, as the first team in the history of Chinese cycling. “In Europe, with the experienced staff and riders that set up this team, I can improve my abilities, learn the charm of cycling in the European racing scene and deepen my perceptions toward cycling.”

It may be obvious, but the fact that Team CGS is offering an extensive European racing program to Chinese riders is the primary reason why Bieken is happy to be on this team. “It is also greatly supported by the Chinese Cycling Association, and therefore, especially compared with other Asian continental teams, China Glory Cycling has a better future.”

He expects that all the Chinese cyclists want to join the team in the future, especially given the fact that CGS aims to participate in the Tour de France in 2025. “Yes, this is a great opportunity for me, and all the cyclists from my country.

Bieken, who has years of experience in mountain biking, believes in the future of Chinese cycling. He says: “I have great faith in it because we were the Olympic champion in the track cycling in 2021. I believe that Chinese road cyclists can also be the world champion in the future.”

However, he also realizes that the Chinese riders have to understand the cycling culture first. “Through long-term racing and training in Europe, I will make myself immerse in the cycling industry and love it more”, Bieken says.

The 27-year-old considers it is not unrealistic to reach his dreams with China Glory Cycling. “I now have such a good opportunity that I will improve myself a lot in a couple of years. I love cycling earnestly. I will fight for it, just like my idol Philippe Gilbert did to reach his dreams.”