China Glory Cycling can function as ‘the national team’ so ‘all Chinese riders want to join’

Zhang Changsheng is new to professional cycling. The Chinese rider, 23-years-old, signed with China Glory Cycling for one year. It will be a year in which Chang Cheng wants to learn as much as he can from fellow Chinese riders and international riders in the team.

“I am relatively new to cycling”, he says. “I am so happy I got the chance from the team’s management to learn and develop in this team. I am sure I am going to learn so much from everyone on the team. I am going to try to remember every single piece of information and take maximum advantage of my professional environment.”

In March, the Chinese rider will join the team’s training camp in the south of France. “I am so excited”, he says. “It feels like the start of an exciting journey that includes races in China and in Europe.”

He finds it thrilling that he will be racing for an international team with Chinese roots. “I think it is the right combination of international experience and Chinese influences in this team. In this brand-new team, Chinese riders and staff can learn from international experienced riders and staff. I think this team also has the right combination of experienced people and young, promising enthusiasts. Our goal should be to shine, as a Chinese team, gloriously in the world.”

China Glory Cycling collected China’s most prestigious coaches, managers, riders, and staff members for the new team. "You could call this a little bit the national Chinese cycling team", Changsheng says.

The international riders and staff's main goal is to share their knowledge and skills in order to elevate the level of cycling in China. “This combination will help all the Chinese riders to reach their dreams.”

Changsheng expects that China will soon be a famous nation for its cyclists. “In general, China is a sports power. Why couldn’t we be a sports power in cycling too? I believe in Chinese cycling, and I am sure we will soon be very visible in the international cycling scene.”