China Glory Cycling continues: groundbreaking triple participation of Chinese riders in Wollongong

Following a good performance and high praise from teammates and staff in the Tour of Romania, Nazaerbieke Bieken and Xianjing Lyu are heading to Australia, together with Changquan Xu, who has been recovering in China for about 3 weeks, for this year’s UCI Road World Championships.

It is a groundbreaking moment in the history of the Chinese continental team. It is the highest number of Chinese cycling competing in the World Championships ever.

The three Chinese riders left home and started their training and competitions in Europe six months ago. It has been the toughest and most adventurous season for them in their careers, different professional levels and training models, culture shocks, homesickness, and much more. What they met was a whole new environment which needs time to adjust to, meanwhile, a great opportunity to improve themselves and particularly, to lead Chinese cycling to a brand-new era. Despite the difficulties, the riders settled down in Nice, France, for their regular training and went to numerous international races, resulting in extraordinary experiences.

They learn and make improvement much more from the failure and achievement, step by step, thanks to these competitions. The three riders get involved in the team better now when it comes to the personal and team goals for each race, they feel that they are capable of showing their abilities and become more confident. Also, they can focus on their weaknesses and make efforts to overcome them. What’s more, their potential has not been fully played yet.

Speaking of the coming World Championships, Bieken and Lyu said that it would be a test for them after months of hard work. It’s going to be fierce and difficult as a one-day race, but they are ready to do their best. Competing with top riders from the world will also be an opportunity to shape some ambitions for the Olympic Games in two years.

Xu didn’t go to Romania due to an injury, but after the recovery, he feels more excited than ever. “I’m eager to race”, he says, “I know I haven’t shown my real strength in the past months.”

Indeed, as the national champion of China, as well as the youngest one among the riders, Xu was sometimes struggling for finishing the stage, but the staff and teammates would always encourage him, because they saw his potential and that he was going to play an important part in China Glory Cycling Team’s future development. Xu: “I’m not afraid of failure. I keep learning and growing. I aim for becoming stronger.”

Xu said it’s a great honour to represent China in the World Championships. He wants to tell others how good are the Chinese riders since they didn’t have many chances to travel around the world during the past two years. “The Chinese cyclists are getting better and better, people will see it from us.”

Bieken, Lyu and Xu expressed this special feeling before starting for the long journey to Australia. China Glory Cycling wishes them best of luck with the national team in Wollongong.