‘China Glory Cycling is China’s pioneer in pro cycling’

Xu Chang Quan is one of China Glory Cycling’s Chinese riders in 2022. He realized he received a unique opportunity to gain experience in the European cycling scene, and he is taking this chance with both hands. “Whatever results I will get, I am willing to fight for honoring my country unremittingly.”

China Glory Cycling is the first Chinese cycling team that is going to take part in European races on a regular basis. As the European racing scene is different from the Chinese one, there will be a lot to learn for the six Chinese riders on the team. Xu Chang Quan, 25-years-old, understands that. “This team is exceptional, and I am lucky to be part of it.”

He says: “What makes CGS special is the fact that it is so much more professional than any other Chinese team. We have experienced trainers, coaches, and sponsors with us. I am sure more and more Chinese riders want to join this team in the future because this team aims to be the leading team in the Chinese cycling scene soon. Given the fact we are going to do so many races in Europe, I am sure that we will very quickly develop and become that leading team.”

Chang Quan hopes that CGS will elevate the level of cycling in China. “China does not only have a large population; it was also known as the Kingdom of Bicycles in the past. We haven’t had a massive impact on the international cycling scene lately, but I firmly believe that cycling will develop quickly with the introduction of China Glory Cycling. We have bright prospects in China.”

Chang Quan shines his light on how Chinese cycling can be developed quickly in the future: “We have to extensively and expansively scout potential riders. Meanwhile, we have to promote and publicize our team to a greater extent. Our training should be cultivated with professionalism and a sense of responsibility. Science-based training, as well as races, should be standardized. That is exactly what GCS wants to do as well. They understand what the Chinese cycling community needs.”

Personally, Chang Quan cannot wait to start his season. “My main goal is to improve myself through competing with my teammates and racing with my rivals. I will contribute more to my team by making my weak points stronger and further improving my merits. The ultimate goal is to reach the Olympic Games in Paris, in 2024, and arrive on the Champs-Élysées in 2025. I am willing to fight for it and GCS is the team to be in.”