‘China Glory Cycling makes the future of Chinese cycling limitless and immeasurable'

With the ambition to improve the level of Chinese cyclists, Zeng Chao, rider of China Glory Cycling, also hopes that the Chinese races will become more and more professional. “We can step up the whole Chinese cycling scene with the arrival of China Glory Cycling.”

When he heard the news about the launch of this new Chinese cycling team, and the aspirations the new team brought along, Chao got very excited. “This is what everyone in China with a passion for road cycling needed.”

There have been Chinese riders stepping it up to the WorldTour, but the number of them on the highest rank of cycling has always been limited. There are several important Chinese races, the Tour of Quangxi among them, but Chinese riders never quite competed for the victory against European-based riders. That will change, believes Chao. “China Glory Cycling offers a fantastic opportunity to become significantly more competitive in a short time. We will further professionalize, as a team. We can level up the Chinese cycling team, together. And I am sure the Chinese races will evolve as well."

He says that the Chinese road cycling scene has been struggling in the international cycling community, but that it is slowly growing and developing into a ‘cycling tycoon’. “The arrival of this team was much needed, very promising, and right on time. The future is limitless and unmeasurable.”

Zeng Chao is one of China Glory Cycling’s Chinese riders. Together with his companions, he will be leading the way and play an important role in the development of cycling in China. “I know that we are an example. I think us six are among the best cyclists in China, and everyone who loves the sport is following us.”

Personally, Chao cannot wait to compete in European races. “The Chinese races, like the Tour of Taihu Lake, Tour of China and Tour of Fuzhou, are fantastic. With China Glory Cycling, we are now also entering the European cycling scene. That will be an amazing challenge.”