‘China Glory Cycling pioneers, and plays leading role getting Chinese cycling successes’

“I think this is the most serious team in the history of Chinese cycling.” Xianjing Lyu is one of the Chinese riders in China Glory Cycling this season and says that this team can create a new Chinese standard in cycling.

Lyu and his fellow countrymen get with China Glory Cycling an opportunity to develop themselves in the European racing scene. An essential step up, according to Lyu. “In Europe, I will get to learn everything about cycling. Being in this team allows me to develop myself faster and better, and to mount a higher rostrum.”

According to the Chinese cyclist, CGS is playing a leading role to develop cycling in China. “The management is pioneering”, the man with a history in mountain biking says. “We are ambitious and all have the same goal. Therefore we are united. That is going to be an important key to move towards successes.”

He realizes it is going to be different, spending time in Europe and being active in the European racing scene. “It surely will be a challenge, but I have faith in it. Where there is a will, there is a way. We are serious, we have clear goals, and are willing to work hard. We will do better and better in the future.”

Lyu is going to follow specific training programs in 2022, offered by skilled European trainers who are going to analyze their data accurately with TrainingPeaks, a program that is new to Lyu. “We are stepping it up with this team compared to what I am used to. China Glory Cycling is offering us scientific training programs. This will help us all to improve and to keep developing.”

CGS set clear goals before launching the team. “These goals are something to hold on to”, Lyu says. “We have our eyes on the future. We want to be in the Asian Games, Olympic Games and in the Tour de France. Basically, we want to reach the highest level of cycling. It is my long-cherished goal to finish the Tour de France. I hope that together with CGS I will be able to achieve that goal.”