China Glory Cycling races the Tour of Turkey

Our first race is…

The Tour of Turkey is China Glory Cycling’s first race of the season. The Chinese continental team is invited by the Turkish organization and therefore is one of the 25 teams competing.

“Fantastic news”, Amaël Moinard said after the presentation in Turkey. Moinard attended the event himself. “This is the next step in our fast developing project. We cannot wait till take the start in April.”

Team manager Maarten Tjallingii is excited about the fact that the organization of the Tour of Turkey understands the relevance of the Chinese cycling project. Tjallingii: “They realise how important it is for us to have an opportunity to race in competitions like the Tour of Turkey. By inviting us, they contribute significantly to the development of our team and the sport of cycling in our home country. We cannot thank the organisation enough for inviting us.”

China Glory Cycling wants to race in Turkey with two Chinese riders, and five international riders. The Chinese delegation is supposed to consist of Xianjing Lyu and Nazaerbieke Bieken.

Tjallingii is sure it will be an exciting journey for them and also the team in general. “It is our first race and we are motivated to do well. We are planning to organise a training camp around the race, so we are optimally prepared."