‘China Glory Cycling will lead the way for Chinese cyclists’

China is a country with more than a billion inhabitants. Millions have a bike. However, only a few made it to the European cycling scene. China Glory Cycling wants to change that.

The Chinese team will be doing an intensive European racing program and hosts six Chinese riders. Xue Ming is one of them. “I hope us six can be an example for Chinese young riders. I hope that more and more Chinese talents will try to become professionals and that we can show them that such a dream is realistic. Hopefully, in the future, they can get even better opportunities than we are getting.”

Ming believes in his country and is sure there are many talented cyclists in China. “I believe there will be many excellent Chinese cyclists in the future. We ‘simply’ just have to find them."

"We can find talents through active scouting, setting an example as a team, and show proof that we are capable of racing on the highest ranks by getting results.”

The most essential step has already been taken, according to Ming. “We needed a platform, basically a team that would give us the chance to make it into the European racing scene. China Glory Cycling is doing just that.”

So far he found the team very professional, and Ming likes the fact the management chose young Chinese cyclists and more experienced European riders. “My fellow countrymen and I are comparatively young”, Ming says. “CGS is comprised of professional European riders, former professional cyclists as staff members, and a generation of Chinese cyclists with a great future ahead of them.”

“It is a matter of time to see more and more Chinese riders racing in Europe and European teams”, Ming believes. “We are the first six riders from China, who are going to pioneer. Soon there will be many more, and I trust that China Glory Cycling is going to be the team that is going to lead the way.”