Chinese cyclists gather in Beijing to contest spots for CGS’ team in 2023

China Glory Cycling has organized an exclusive training camp for talents from China to select new riders for the 2023 season. The team aims to have no less than eight Chinese riders in the team next year and therefore the greatest talents from China were invited to undergo tests and procedures in Beijing. The cycling talents gave their all, intending to get a strongly contested spot in the team for next season.

“This team is building a bridge for young talents to go international”, the head of the competition department of the China Cycling Association Han Feng said. "Our main goal of China Glory Cycling is to develop cyclists from China and the Chinese cycling scene and a training camp like this is an essential part of doing so."

China Glory Cycling is the only one in China that offers riders from the home country to race in Europe. Therefore, China Glory is an attractive team to be part of next season.

After a selection procedure, a group of outstanding athletes joined the special training camp in Beijing to showcase their cycling skills to the team’s managers.

“The selected riders to join this exclusive training camp came from the regions of Tianjin, Beijing, Shandong, Heilongjiang, Jilin and others", Feng said. "We tested them on their physical strength, their skills on the bike and their spirit. We saw a group of outstanding athletes, with high training potential to enter the team for next season.”

The athletes performed a 10-minute FTP climbing test, a 500-meter sprint, a team time trial training, and a race simulation of 80 kilometers. Through the observation of the athletes’ performances, interviews and analyses of power data, the cyclists who will represent the team in the future were comprehensively selected.

Team Manager Maarten Tjallingii was in China to see the selection of riders with his own eyes. He saw more than a dozen of talented cyclists who were all eager to show what they were capable of. “A camp like this shows how big the pool of talent in China must be. All of the cyclists in this year’s training camp were strong and motivated. That was great to see. And this is only a small part of what China can offer. If we continue, as a team, to be an example for Chinese cyclists, the level of cycling talents will only rise, resulting in strong performances in the near future.”

The Chinese cyclists at the training camp also enjoyed presentations and lectures from general manager Tal Ringgit of the Huaxing Team, who hosted the training camp. The training camp lasted four days.

Towards the start of the 2023 season, China Glory Cycling will announce its new Chinese riders in the roster. The team will race with no less than eight Chinese riders to compete in the European cycling scene with the goal of scoring enough UCI points to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2024, in Paris. For now, the team enjoys a deserved rest.