Closer and closer to our first podium: Malucelli fourth in Romania

The Pardus Bikes with EliteWheels prove to be a fast combination over and over again. Matteo Malucelli, who got to race this successful combination of equipment, nearly got China Glory Cycling’s first podium finish in Romania. He just came short.

After a technical run in, Malucelli was forced to take the outer line in the curve that lead into the concluding meters in the second stage. If you could have moved into the inner side of the corner, it might have resulted in the team’s first podium in its history.

Even though it was not meant to be this time, the fourth place is promising. It is the best result on Pardus bikes in professional road cycling in Europe.

The Chinese cyclists, meanwhile, did not have the best day in their careers. The felt sightly fatigue during the stage, and the mission of helping Malucelli in the final was not fully accomplished. However, they did finish the race, in the peloton.

In tomorrow’s stage, it will be challenging to stick with the peloton for Malucelli. Even though the finish is flat, that are two climbs to overcome in the last 20 kilometers.

The Italian is committed to try. “I would love to give this team their first podium finish. This race is the ideal opportunity. I was close today. It is a morale boost to keep on trying.”