Lyu and Bieken proudly represent China in World MTB Championships with 78th and 87th place

It was a 78th place for Xianjing Lyu and an 87th place for Nazaerbieke Bieken in the UCI MTB World Championships in Les Gets last weekend. “It was a challenge to be on the thick tires, after having been on the smaller tires of the road bike this whole season, however, we were proud to represent our country in the World Championships”, they said.

There was time for reflection after the World Mountainbike championships in Les Gets yesterday. Lyu and Bieken competed, finished and gained a bunch of encouraging experiences.

“The race is quite different from training”, Bieken said after the race. “Instead of being alone on the course, there were now 100 riders around us.”

Lyu agreed and continued: “We adjusted very quickly, I think, and caught up with the other riders. Technically, we missed some skills, because of the fact we spent most of our days on the road this season, but I did feel strong.”

After the finish Lyu and Bieken were slightly disappointed with the final results, however, that feeling got replaced by pride soon afterwards. “The results were, in the end, better than we maybe expected”, Bieken said.

“We are happy to race with other high-level riders and we have learned a lot. This experience will encourage us to improve ourselves for the next championship.”