Lyu's finishes fastest-ever race day in Langkawi

The fastest race day Xianjing Lyu has ever done, and he managed to stay in the first bunch: our Chinese rider had a fantastic ride, despite having some health issues due to the air-conditioning in the hotel rooms.

With an average speed of 46.6 kilometers per hour, the fifth stage in the Tour de Langkawi was challenging. It was single file all day, even on the only, 7.6 kilometer long climb. Lyu proved once more his impressive progression this season by finishing the stage in the first group. He did need some time to rest, right after the finish, but that’s okay: we are proud of him!

Lyu said after the stage: "This was difficult. I am pretty excited I managed to do well today. There were multiple times that I doubted whether I would be able to keep up on these flat roads, but I did not want to give up and also I did not want to let down my teammates who have supported me in this race so far. So I continued. Yes, I needed time to recover after the finish. I had to catch my breath. This performance will only help me for the future, I am sure."