Managers after one year China Glory Cycling: “An incredible journey, so far”

With the 2022-season slowly coming to an end, China Glory Cycling’s management realizes they are one year in business. The inspiring and ambitious project developed and evolved endlessly in a short period, and the team aims to continue to do so in 2023. “It is not going to be easier, or less work, but now that the essentials are all ready and set, we can start focusing on the targets of the project even more.”

“We were off for a late start of the season”, team manager Maarten Tjallingii remembers from the ‘go-sign’ of the project in February, “but with the message we want to carry out, we were able to join the Tour of Turkey anyway. That was our first race of the season, straight away a challenging one, with multiple World Tour teams at the start.”

It meant the return to racing for the Chinese cyclists, Nazaerbieke Bieken, Changquan Xu and Xianjing Lyu, who were not able to race for more than two years due to the Covid pandemic. Tjallingii: “What a challenge it was for them. Without having a proper training base, that cyclists normally work on in the first three to four months of the season, they did exceptionally well.”

The three Chinese stepped on a, moving, high-speed roller coaster, competing in some of the biggest races in Europe, expanding their idea of what road cycling is about and, participating in the World MTB and World Road Championships. “I think the major highlights of our journey so far has been the facilitation of these participations.”, Tjallingii says. “Having three riders in the World Championships in Australia was groundbreaking because China never had such a large delegation in a road cycling championship before.”

Next to the racing, there was a lot to organize logistically. “We needed staff, a home base in Europe, a place to stay for the Chinese cyclists, equipment, visas, team vehicles, and much more”, team manager Amaël Moinard says. “Meanwhile, the preparation for the races continued as well.”

Nice, in France, became the home base for the team. An iconic place, given the fact that the team’s main goal in the long term, the Olympic Games in 2024, will be held in France as well. “It works well for us”, Moinard believes. “From here we could travel to a lot of races, while the Chinese cyclists found a new home that is similar to the environment that they can expect towards the Olympic Games.”

The management made long days to get everything organized and the team on the rails. Gladly, the results of their hard work paid off, with the Chinese cyclists developing rapidly and race organizers realizing the interest of the team step by step, results that improved over time. “We invested a lot of energy”, Moinard says, “but we received a lot of energy from it as well.”

The French manager is looking forward to a season that can be even better prepared than the first one of the team. “Over the winter we can work on a base, a fundament on which we can build throughout the 2023 season. We have more time this winter to set this up. I, therefore, believe we can make double the number of steps to reach our goals compared to this season.”

Tjallingii agrees with his colleague. “What the staff and the riders achieved this year is remarkable. I cannot wait till the 2023 season, now that we have so many essentials, like a service course and hiring good staff, that are already functioning. We saw the Chinese cyclists improving a lot in 2022 and I am curious to see what further steps we can take in 2023 as well. It has been an exciting journey, so far.”