Smit just misses out on national road race title

Updated: Mar 17

South-African rider Willie Smit finished second in the national road race championships of South Africa. Smit, who finished three times second in the elite nationals before, was obviously a bit disappointed after the finish.

"Again, I finished second in the nationals, and that is obviously a bit of a frustration. However, I am not particularly a sprinter, so battling it out against Reinardt Janse van Rensburg was a challenge. I did not expect a different outcome, but I would rather have won today."

Even though he would have loved to race in the national champion's jersey in 2022, he was also realistic: "I've found love for the sport again, after a few months of struggling. I hope this mental break was exactly what I needed to get back into the game in Europe. When you enjoy the sport, results will follow."

The South African will make his comeback in professional cycling on European soil soon.

Earlier this weekend, Smit also raced the national ITT championships. He finished fourth in those.

Pics: m_squared_media_za