Switching disciplines: Lyu and Bieken represent China in the mountain bike World Championships

Two of China Glory Cycling’s riders will represent China in the mountain bike World Championships in Les Gets this week. Nazaerbieke Bieken and Xianjing Lyu are in France to compete.

The two Chinese cyclists missed the Olympic Games in Tokyo due to Covid-19, a big disappointment. However, now having been selected by the national federation to represent China in the World Championships is a ‘fantastic present’ and ‘a reward for hard training’.

The federation selected the two Chinese cyclists from China’s leading cycling team because of their progression this season. Even though Bieken and Lyu predominantly participated in road races, the federation believes that the two Chinese cyclists, who have a long history in mountain biking, still have the skills to perform on off-road, mountainous terrain.

Bieken is looking forward to these championships big time. “We are finally here,” he says, referring to his disappointment in missing the Olympic Games. “It is an impressive ambience here. It makes me feel excited, but also a bit nervous for the race.”

Lyu mentions that Bieken and himself have not focused on mountain biking too much over the last months. However, he will do his best to perform as good as possible in the World Championships. “We are here to learn and gain experience from this special opportunity,” Lyu says, “and most of all enjoy.”

The two are relaxed before their tests on thicker tires. “We are physically and mentally well-rested.”, Bieken says. Lyu continues: “We adapt quickly to this different discipline. We have to be fast, because there is not much time, but we have investigated the course already a few times and we are getting used to it.”

Bieken: “We hope that we can show where we are capable of and that also this experience will contribute to the progression we have been making this year.”