Xianjing Lv’s impressive history in Asian cycling and record of achievements

He is one of the most talented Chinese cyclists of all time: Xianjing Lv. The 24-year-old - with Lv also sometimes written as Lyu - has a long and successful history in both mountain biking and road racing in Asia and grabs racing with China Glory Cycling with both hands in order to reach even higher goals.

Lv’s introduction to racing is straight away a successful one. In 2017, as a 19-year-old, Lv rides a national road race with the local team from his town Qujing. He turns out to be the strongest, making the victory salute at the finish without having any kind of racing experience in his back pocket.

A few months later, Lv lines up for the National Games of Tianjin. Again, he is the fastest and wins the road race.

For a while, it seemed that these would be his only remarkable successes on the road. The Chinese rider from China Glory Cycling decided to focus on mountain biking. With the Hengxiang Intercontinental Team, Lv gains experience abroad. Together with his fellow countryman Ma Hao, Lv competes in the 2018 Asian Games. Hao wins the Cross Country race for elite riders, while Lv claims silver after having had mechanical issues with the bike.

Lv’s companion Hao receives the invitation from the Chinese Olympic Committee to compete in the Olympic mountain bike race. Lv decides to refocus on road cycling. In the first race after his return, Lv shows that he did not lose his road racing senses: he finishes fifth in an international field in the Tour of Hainan and wins the Hill Climb King Polka Dot jersey.

One month later, he steps on the GC podium in the Tour of Fuzhou. It is the start of more successes for the Chinese rider.

The road race of the Asian Games of 2019, in which Lv and also Nazaerbieke Bieken start, finishes on a mountain top: perfect for Lv himself. The Chinese national team fully supports Lv during the whole race, putting him in perfect position before the final climb to battle it out with strong climbers from Kazachstan and Iran. Ultimately, Lv finishes second, but more importantly, the Olympic Committee invites him to do the Olympic Road Race in Tokyo.

It turns out to be the ideal mental boost for Lv, as the Chinese cyclist wins the Tour of China a few months later, his first GC victory and a breakthrough in his career.

In order for Lv to gain more experience in the international road racing scene, the federation decides to send him to Yorkshire for the U23 World Championships. He finishes the race (twelve minutes behind the winner) in horrible weather circumstances. Two more Chinese races follow for the GC contender, resulting in great GC results and a mountaintop stage victory.

But then a long period without racing follows due to Covid. Lv trains as much as he can, even though lockdowns are making his daily life significantly more difficult. When China Glory Cycling Team is launched and asked him to join the ambitious project, Lv does not doubt about it. As he feels like he lost time in his rapid development as a cyclist, Lv steps on the boat that sails away and arrives at the Tour of Turkey, the team’s first race on the European cycling scene.

It turned out to be a week with a lot of lessons learned. The first two stages were nervous, with the wind constantly blowing along the Turkish coast. Never before did Lv race in those conditions. In stage 4, Lv found out that the level of cyclists in Europe can be significantly higher than in China. The climber tried to follow the GC favourites for as long as he could, but only finished 54th on the stage.

It was a result that he found a bit disappointing, but he also realized that it was not a surprise: the level was high and Lv did not race for nearly 1000 days. “It felt so good to be racing again,” Lyu said after the race. “I have been training as much as I could over the last two years because I knew there was going to be a day in which I would be tested. That was last week, and it went well as I learned a lot.”

Step by step, Lv evolves into a cyclist capable of following the biggest riders in the sport. Nowadays, Lv receives proper training schemes, more support and the opportunity to race more often in the European cycling scene with China Glory Cycling. His goal is to reach the Olympic Games in 2024, win the Asian Games once more, and finish the Tour de France in 2025.

Ambitious? Yes, just like everyone else in China Glory Cycling.